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Uniesse - 48 Open

At sea, as on land, quality is a precious commodity. To maintain high standards means also to innovate and renew, using advanced technology and skills honed over the years. The Scaburri brothers work hard to maintain these qualities at Uniesse. We always work with one eye on the past, taking account of the best of tradition, and with one eye on the future: we like to move our projects forward, ahead of what has already been seen and into new territory. We try to interpret the dreams and desires of those who go to sea. Setting the same care in the realization of the lines of water and in the choices of the interior and exterior design, we build yachts that combine the best navigational capacity with perfect comfort and style just as our clients demand. A good overall product stems from certain working traditions: the best quality original materials and the greatest attention paid toevery part of the working process, right down to the smallest details. Those who test Uniesse Marine yachts at sea know that they are truly unique.We ask the people working for us to share our taste for perfection. We ask the same high standards of all our suppliers, who deal in only top-quality materials capable of meeting the rigorous specifications of Uniesse Marine. Our thorough working practices allow us to be certified by the key international shipping registers, although our standards are far higher than the official parameters. These yachts are jewels built to travel the seas and stand the test of time: this is how we would describe them.


Overall Length:51' 10'' ft
Maximum Beam:15' 2'' ft
Full load displacement:42,000 lb
Standard engines:CUMMINS 2x715 hp
Depth under propellers:4' 11'' ft
Fuel tank capacity:555 US gals
Fresh water tank capacity:159 US gals
Maximum speed (mot. standard):35 knots
CE homologation:Category B 14 persons

Exterior design:

Designed by those who love the sea.
The big ideas are not measured in centimetres, and space is what you make of it: the 48OPEN can be open, when you meet up with your favourite travelling companions - the sun and the
wind Ė or closed, when itís time to consider your next course, the next harbour you will come to, or the next island to explore. Suspended between the infinite expanses of sea and sky,
youíll be surprised at how the interiors welcome you as if you had always known each other. This model has been designed by people who love the sea for people who share their passion.
People just like you.

Interior Design:

The frontier of infinity.
Freedom is a concept that you can touch with your hands and feel on your skin, when the waves envelop your arrival before crashing behind you in a trail of memories. But you can also opt for protection, insulating yourself against your surroundings in order to concentrate on your inner landscape, as you sail safely towards your chosen destination.

Spaces for living life to the full.
The Uniesse designers have already thought out every move you will make on board, the routes you will take around the boat, the emotions that will transform every day into an event. The designers have transformed these emotions into spaces for living life of the full, breathing life into a new form of liberty.

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