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2006 SeaDoo Wake

Take this job and back side shove it. Be your own stunt double without the cost or hassle of a full-size tow boat. Kneeboard. Wakeskate. Tube. Be a good scout and tow in a lesser vessel. Or simply strap on the ol' slalom ski and carve up some butter. What else would you expect from the official Towboat of the Pro Wakeskate Series for the past 3 years.


Length:130.3 in 331 cm
Width:48 in 122 cm
Height:44.4 in 112.8 cm
Weight (dry):867 lbs 393 kg
Rider Capacity:1, 2 or 3
Fuel Capacity (incl. reserve):15.9 Gals 60 L
Storage Capacity:52.6 Gals 199 L
Engine:Rotax� 4-TEC� SOHC, four valves per cylinder with multi-port fuel injection
Bore mm:100
Stoke mm:63.4
Displacement / hp:155
Displacement / cc:1494
Compression ratio:10.6:1
Intake System:Naturally aspirated with 52mm throttle body
Cooling:Closed-loop cooling system
Fuel Type:Regular unleaded
Propulsion System:Bombardier Formula water jet pump
Jet Pump:Composite/aluminum, axial flow, single stage, large hub with 10-vane stator
Transmission:Direct drive, forward/neutral /reverse
Impeller:Stainless steel, 4-blade
Ignition:Digital inductive
Battery:12 volt
Hull:Modified-V, composite
Color:Viper Red
D.E.S.S. tm:STD
Speedometer:STD (Information Center)
Reboarding Step:STD
O.P.A.S. TM System :STD
Sea-Doo� Learning Key TM :STD
Mirrors :STD
Two-tone comfort hand grips :STD
Reboarding Deck Pad :STD
Removable Front Storage Tray:STD
Information Center :STD (18 functions)
ID: 73