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2011 ProCharter Vayron

The M.O. for the design of the ProCharter Vayron was quite simple. Take all of the good points of the ProCharter P4 and P3 (we have built over 120), improve on them and include them into the design of the Vayron. Bring down the build time to reduce manufacturing costs and make a boat that can more than match the performance of the P3 and P4 from cheaper smaller engines with less horsepower, resulting in lower running costs. Bring down the retail cost of a charter boat whether fully finished or kit form without compromising on quality.

The best way to bring down manufacturing costs is to increase production and spread the overheads over a greater number of units. By using uncomplicated moulds and simple build design we have considerably brought down the build time. The Vayron only requires 250 / 290 hp for 23 / 25 kts. So, cheaper engines, lower fuel burn rate. We have brought the build cost down by 20%. This means the Vayron will take some of the customers who would have bought a P4 and some of the customers who would have bought a P3. We are heavily promoting the Vayron throughout Europe with a great response. We expect to be building 30+ Vayron�s per year, which means we can bring down the price even more.

www.procharter.nl will have their demonstrator operational for this summer. www.procharter.gr is now fully operational and we expect to be manufacturing in Athens 2009. This will help sales to Southern Europe and North Africa. We have sold a lot of boats to Spain, Ireland, Germany, France and the Netherlands. We also have many enquiries from Africa and Eastern Europe.

We have agents in Greece, www.procharter.gr and the first 2 boats are already on their way to Athens.


Length OverallAny length between 8.5m and 11.9m
Beam @ Transom3495mm
Beam @ Wheelhouse Bulkhead3555mm
BulkheadBeam @ Helm
Waterline Length10.11m
Waterline Beam @ Transom
Waterline Beam @ Rear Bulkhead
Waterline Beam @ Helm
Height Above Waterline Wheelhouse Roof2.83
Height Above Waterline Gunwale @ Rear of Deck
Overall Height Shaftdrive3.8m
Overall Height Sterndrive3.19m
Wheelhouse Overhang
Displacement Ex Works Shaftdrive
Displacement Ex Works Sterndrive4tons 5tons
Imperial Gallons per Tank75 gallons 284 litres
Number of Tanks26.15m2
Deck Width3.24m
Deck Length8.07m
Total sq Area
Max Hull Speed45kn


We were very careful designing the looks of the Vayron. We kept away from the modern curves and fancy window shapes in use today because the Vayron, like all ProCharter's is built for the future. What is the use of building a boat with a long lifespan to retain a good residual value if the design shape becomes dated? The Offshore 105 is the most desirable of the old charter boats, it's shape is timeless. The Vayron will be the same. With this in mind we designed a boat that is not cutting edge looks today. The Vayron design just looks like a boat, it is not in fashion nor will it go out of fashion, it will always have the look of the day because it looks like a work boat. The Vayron is made from mainly 3 pieces. The hull in the colour of your choice. The gunwale is then fitted also in the colour of your choice. The wheelhouse fits inside the gunwale, again in the colour of your choice. By having a build design like this the colour scheme will always make the Vayron a modern looking boat.

The Vayron is a high specification piece of equipment that requires very few add ons. Come to the yard and see how we build them. The Vayron hull and wheelhouse are hand made and comply to LLOYDS SPECIAL SERVICE CRAFT REGULATIONS, SEAFISH (European) REGULATIONS and MCA CLASS 6 (offshore ferry) REGULATIONS and the new EUROPEAN DIRECTIVES. The gel coat is brushed into the mould to ensure a thick gel coat. We do NOT use rollers or spray equipment. We also use layers of Rovimat which is a combination mat containing 800g/m2 of woven roving's with a 300g/m2 of chopped strand mat to give maximum strength to weight ratios. We use isophthalic resin as an osmosis barrier. For those of you who don't fully understand. This is the dogs wotsits. Check on this Website the materials we use like STRUCTURAL NIDAPLAS for bulkheads and ISOPHTHALIC RESIN to help prevent osmosis. We do NOT use wood in any part of the construction of a ProCharter except in non structural applications where we need to be able to screw into the sides of the engine bay and capping the bulkheads. Even then it is fully encapsulated in fibreglass bonding instead of gel paint like most boats.

One day all boats will be built this way and not just ours.

Nidaplas is a honeycomb core composite sheet that cannot ingress water or biodegrade like plywood. It is a well known fact that many boats take on as much as a ton of water very quickly after it is launched, all soaked into the wood and gradually rotting away. We have all seen old boats with their rotten decks and bulkheads. If you need more convincing, have a look at a 4 year old ProCharter, already they are showing they don't deteriorate like other boats do.

In years to come the only boat to buy will be a ProCharter. You the customer will have a desirable boat with a high second hand value, or you will be purchasing a used ProCharter because it is not full of rotting wood. We the manufacturer, will have secured our reputation and future sales.

A fully fibre glassed finished boat (kit 2). Hull, wheelhouse and gunwale all bonded together. Fully fitted out wheelhouse. Fully fitted deck with fuel tanks, up to 6 holds, engine room surround and engine box. Flush deck if required. For example a 28ft (8.5m) for �23,950 or 39ft (11.9m) for �28,950. Check out all our kit and finished boat prices.

Stability? In a calm sea the Vayron is as good as a catamaran; in a beam on sea with big swells it is better, less roll. In an average flowing sea it matches a catamaran; in a heavy flowing sea it is better. Other mono hulls don't come close enough to compare!

Windage? By keeping the boat as low as possible, windage is kept to a minimum. No skipper wants his boat blowing around in the wind, especially when drift fishing or hauling creel pots. Please look at the specification section for actual measurements.

In the years you own your ProCharter the maintenance will be minimal, for example; the doors will not swell up and jam in the winter, nor will you spend your spare time rubbing oil into them or re-varnishing for the new season because they are made of fibreglass. Nor will the screws come loose because they are bolted on with stainless steel bolts. Most of our fittings such as doors, dashboard, locker boxes and seating are made in moulds and fully bonded or nut and bolted. There is no wood to maintain or to worry about. You can even use your deck wash to clean out your wheelhouse and front cabin, you can even have drain holes in your floor to take the water away.

Each ProCharter we build is fitted with a 24 hour a day live stream Webcam for the duration of the build. The customer can, not only watch his boat being built, he can record it on DVD. Each Webcam is password protected to the customer. We would like anybody visiting our Website to be able to access the cameras, but this would slow down the stream and would not be fair to the customer.

We also take our stage payments in arrears. No more wondering whether your stage payment has been used to finish someone else's boat. When we complete a build stage, the customer or his surveyor inspects the work, when he is satisfied, we invoice that stage. Like all boat builders, we need those stage payments to run our business and pay the wages. The difference with ProCharter is we will only ask for the money when we have completed the work. This also ensures the boat is finished on time.

We are so proud of our boats we have dedicated demonstrators here at the yard. Our new Vayron demonstrator which will be finished in a few months is a 35ft (10.5m) Vayron powered by 250hp or 290hp. We are confident we will have 23/25 kts from 250 / 290hp and expect to have 25 / 27kts from 250 / 290hp even at 39ft (11.9m).

We would like to draw your attention to the speeds we quote. Most builders quote their speeds as �up to ??kts�. Saying �up to� doesn't mean the boat will go that fast, �up to� just means it wont go any faster and could be any speed below that figure.

The speeds published for a ProCharter are actual speeds in 2 directions from sea trials of boats we have built.

We have developed a very economical hull, with the current diesel prices, economy matters! As we get the fuel burn data from actual boats we will put it here on the Website. Knowing the power required and performance achieved from our P3 and P4 boats, bearing in mind we have built well over 100 boats, with a variety of different engines and propulsion systems, we estimate our Vayron demonstrator will burn around 5 gallons or 23 litres per hour at 16kts.

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