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Our charter boats are individually built for each customer to his own layout and ideas so offering this way of building boats to ferry operators can only be a good thing. The layout of a ferry needs to be suitable for the type of work it will be doing and the best person to decide this is the operator.

The Procharter hull makes an ideal base for a ferry for a number of reasons.

All Procharters are made from all composite materials. We only use wood in places where we need to screw into and then we fully encapsulate it in fibreglass. All non moving parts of a boat like the decks and seating should have a longer life than plywood can offer.

Our boats are light in weight due to the products we use. As an example our 50 passenger P4 ferry weighs only 7.5 tonnes when launched and will cruise at 17kts loaded with just 400 horse power. Our philosophy is the more weight you create when building a boat the fewer payloads it can carry or the more diesel it will take to push it through the water. I think you will agree. DIESEL IS NOT GOING TO GET ANY CHEAPER!

Because we use all composite materials for the total build your ferry maintenance is kept to a minimum. For example our doors do not swell up or crack nor do they need oiling or varnishing because they are fibreglass. The screws that hold them on won't come loose because we bolt them on. Should you need to wash out your wheelhouse not a problem just use your deck wash. You can even have your floor self draining.

We designed our hulls for stability. All boat builders will crow about their products and how good they are. We say, look in the back of a fishing
Magazine at the charter ads and ask the skipper of a P4 how stable and economical his boat and don't forget to ask him the size of his engine.

We build to your countries regulations and under the supervision of a surveyor from that country. Some countries have little or no regulations and ferries to these countries are still built to the same specification but are much cheaper due to the absence of surveyor’s fees and the time wasted waiting for a surveyor’s inspection.

All boats are fitted with a 24 hour live stream web cam. You can not only watch your boat being built, you can record it to dvd.

Our boats are nearly the same beam from the helm to the transom. The Procharter does not go out to a point at the bow to keep the boat as short as possible.

Choice of wheelhouse style from all canvas to fully enclosed and half and half.
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