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ProCharter Americano

This boat is designed for the American market where size matters, we all know the larger the boat, the better it handles a rough sea.

Initially the Americana will have a maximum length of 50 feet (15.25m) and a beam of 16ft (4.9m). After the first boat has been built we will be offering the Americana at up to 55 feet (16.8m). As with most of the Procharter range the Americana is available at the length of your choice, starting even as low as 32 feet for the under 10m work boat licence. For 35 feet and below the Americana will have a different hull form. Imagine the stability of a 10m boat with a 4.9m beam.

The bow design is our very latest. The Americana is of the Dory type design with a big variation. This gives us very wide shoulders at the front with the "duck billed" bow keeping the unusable part at the far front as short as possible, so no wasted length there. The problem with the dory design is how to get from a wide waterline at the front shoulders and then taper in to the bow without having a long point at the front. The more beam a boat has the bigger that problem becomes.

I am sure most of you have experienced this design of hull and the "banging" which is so typical. In our first Procharter design the P3 beam at 10ft or 3m was not so much of a problem, we sharpened the bow to keep the noise as low as possible. In the P4 that followed there was a new design for the bow, it was good but still there was some noise. The Vayron was our next challenge. The bow on a Vayron catches the edge of the bow wave and channels it under the boat, very successfully, we knew this was the way to go. So the Americana is totally unique, 2 inner tunnels 2ft or 60cm in diameter pick up the bow wave and pass it directly under the boat, 2 outer and much smaller tunnels collect some more water and pass it under the boat. The sizing of these tunnels in ratio to the angle the boat tapered at to the front was critical. The photographs at the bottom of the page show the plug with these tunnels.

In service the Americana will be a workhorse. Not only is our new hull design as quiet as a conventional hull it will just glide over the water with little effort. Interestingly the Americana compared to a P4 at the same length will need less power to push it through the water. For a 12m boat with 5m beam we are recommending 250hp for 22kts top speed and 17kts cruising.

The Americana is available with an Island wheelhouse, the conventional sports wheelhouse with five Windows to the front, the sport wheelhouse with a walkway along each side of the wheelhouse at deck level for side entry doors and a half wheelhouse with no fore deck for crabbing. The internal layout of all the wheelhouses will be entirely to the skipper's choice.

On a boat of this size and even with the twin engine installation, flush decks are available. The under deck area for storage will be cavernous. As with all Procharters the Americana will be custom-built for the skipper.

At Procharter we pride ourselves for our ability to build a light boat. For those skippers who like a heavy boat and for the times when a heavy boat will give a more comfortable ride all Proharters are offered with ballast tanks as an optional extra, have the weight where you need it and only when you need. We believe it is better to have a light boat and weighted down if necessary. Why buy diesel to carry those extra kilos when they are not needed. A good work boat should be frugal and need as least maintenance as possible.

Engine options will be twin or single with jet or shaft drive. We expect the Americana at 42 feet with a 16' beam to weigh 6.5 to seven tonnes. Our Americana demonstrator will be fitted with a John Deer 380 horsepower engine and will probably reach a speed close to 27kts. But most importantly as with our other Procharters we look for a good cruising speed.

The Americana will be built in the same way as the other Procharters using almost only composite materials for a low maintenance long life operation.

If an Americana is your type of boat please let us know the things you feel should be designed into the build. Our first Americana mouldings will coming out of the mould in the next few weeks. The first one will be used as a ferry for 100 passengers with toilets and social areas inside and out. The second is for a houseboat and the third an under 10m fishing boat.

The Under 10m Americana for commercial fishing is particularly exciting for us. This is as big or bigger than the equivalent catamaran and with a choice of wheelhouse but at a fraction of the cost. Also only one engine to feed and maintain. These will be the ultimate work boat,


Length Overall
Beam @ Transom
Beam @ Wheelhouse Bulkhead
BulkheadBeam @ Helm
Waterline Length
Waterline Beam @ Transom
Waterline Beam @ Rear Bulkhead
Waterline Beam @ Helm
Height Above Waterline Wheelhouse Roof
Height Above Waterline Gunwale @ Rear of Deck
Overall Height Shaftdrive
Overall Height Sterndrive
Wheelhouse Overhang
Displacement Ex Works Shaftdrive
Displacement Ex Works Sterndrive
Imperial Gallons per Tank
Number of Tanks
Deck Width
Deck Length
Total sq Area
Max Hull Speed
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