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2013 Maestro 56

The tradition looks toward the horizon

For more than a century and a half Apreamare didn't only produce boats but authentic jewels.

Apreamare gozzos are real treasures, finished with craftmade care, and, at the same time, provided with the most advanced structural elements. A few models of these custom-built boats are made, and each one of them still needs the care of high skilled carpenters and shipwrights.

Today, Apreamare is one of the most prestigious Italian sailing brands in the world, and it has a precise niche market among the lovers of luxury and exclusive boats.


Length overall:17.22 m
Waterline length:14,07m
Maximum Beam:5.25 m
Maxumum speed:30 knots IPS900
Cruising speed:25 knots IPS900
Max number of person:12
ID: 4959

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