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2012 LodeStar TriMAX 3D-V 350

The TriMAX with a 3D-V air floor is a total inflatable, high performance winner. The trimaran-like hull with speed tubes gives hydrodynamic lift allowing for high speeds. The special V-shape profiles on both sides of the speed tubes cut in the water and give cart-like grip.


Model:TriMax 3D-V 350
CE Design Category:C
Part Numbers:AA350002N
Bagged Dimensions (cm):117x63x35
Max Load (kg):700
Max HP:25
Max engine weight (kg):75
Max Persons:5
Number of Air Chambers:3+2+2
Lenght (cm):350
Width (cm):181
Height (cm):47
Weight (kg):61


1. ABS laminated transom
2. Reflecting tapes
Red and green reflecting tapes on port and starboard sides notify other captains of your position when it is dark.
3. Over pressure valve
LodeStar inflatables are equipped with special security overpressure valves. Excessive tube pressure from sudden impacts or high temperature is released under control for maximum safety.
4. Easy EnterT
After swimming or skiing, Easy Enter makes your life easy. No problem to enter the boat with a tired body or a heavy wet suit.
5. V-shape hull with integrated keel
6. Double layer under tube
The bottom of the tube is reinforced with a double layer of fabric. This provides an additional measure of protection for your LodeStar.
7. Track Skeg - NEW for 2006
To improve the perfect drive our customers expect from a LodeStar, we added skegs to give the boats that special edge. The skegs help to ensure that your LodeStar will move you where you want to go!
9. 5 Year warranty

ID: 480

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