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2012 LodeStar Hypalon 230

LodeStar HYPALON® inflatable boats are the high end choice for yacht tenders. They feature ORCA® HYPALON® chlorosulfonated polyethylene which ensures a longer life even in the harshest environments. The combination of a high tensile fabric and an outstanding coating produces a craft that is virtually indestructible. The fabric and seams of LodeStar HYPALON® boats are guaranteed for 10 years.


Model:Hypalon 230
CE Design Category:D
Part Numbers:AA230005N
Bagged Dimensions (cm):90x55x26
Max Load (kg):376
Max HP:5
Max engine weight (kg):26
Max Persons:3
Number of Air Chambers:2+1+1
Lenght (cm):230
Width (cm):143
Height (cm):40
Weight (kg):28


# ABS laminated transom
# Aluminium seat
Light and maintenance-free. No need to varnish or paint the aluminium seat of your LodeStar.
# Honeycomb Thrust Board NEW for 2006
# Over pressure valve
LodeStar inflatables are equipped with special security overpressure valves. Excessive tube pressure from sudden impacts or high temperature is released under control for maximum safety.
# X-Stitch™ air floor
# Double layer under tube
The bottom of the tube is reinforced with a double layer of fabric. This provides an additional measure of protection for your LodeStar.
# Track Skeg - NEW for 2006
To improve the perfect drive our customers expect from a LodeStar, we added skegs to give the boats that special edge. The skegs help to ensure that your LodeStar will move you where you want to go!
1. Outside coloured HYPALON®
2. Neoprene layer
3. Adhesion
4. High strength textile
5. Inside neoprene sheet

# 10 Year warranty

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