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2006 Panda AGTPM4 Marine Diesel DC Generator

As an alternative to the highly proven AC marine
generators, Fischer Panda�s AGT marine
generators provide the capability of a directly
driven highly efficient DC charging solution
onboard. Instead of supplying AC power directly
to the consumers, the AGT 4000 generator
charges an on-board battery bank and the
consumers are supplied power indirectly from the
battery bank through inverters onboard.
Where less AC power or high inductive motors
are not required onboard, the AGT 4000 offers a
great solution to charge the batteries efficiently
and quickly. Using less fuel, less noise, less
maintenance and giving you ease of mind. The
AGT 4000 is designed to run on auto-mode and
monitor your battery bank, keeping the batteries
correctly charged and ready to go.
The AGT generators, depending upon the
performance, voltage and amperage, can weigh
up to 50% less than a conventional generator
and are up to 30% smaller in size.


Output:4.0 kW
Voltage:12V / 24V
Engine Type:Kubota / EA � 300
Peak Output:275A / 139A
Continuous Output:195A / 97A
Cylinders:1 / 60 hp
Displacement:309 ccm / 18.8 cu.in.
Cooling:H / E
Dimensions (LWH):23.43 x 15.5 x 16.14 inches
Weight (Wet):175 lbs
Noise Level:54 dBa @ 7 Meters


The Panda AGT Generator charges
the batteries automatically
Less weight, size and noise
Extremely quiet (54dba@7meter)
Direct driven Alternator
Flexible and efficient supply of power
through the inverters and generator
Automatic start/stop of battery
charging when batteries require
Generator is not required to
run continuously thereby requiring less
fuel and maintenance
Available in many voltages and
amperage outputs
Continual supply of AC voltages for
consumers through selected electrical
Comes complete with harnesses,
control panel, auto-start, sound
enclosure and remote fuel lift pump
5 Year limited warranty

Optional Accessories:

External Soft Motor Mounts
External Soft Motor Mounts for
extra smooth operation.
Vented Loop
(anti-syphon valve) Recommended
for all installations. Prevents water
from siphoning back to the engine and
minimizes potential electrolysis. Made
with a stainless steel tube and nylon
valve for long life and easy service.
Gas Separator
Exhaust water separator provides very
low back pressure and extra quiet
exhaust noise.
Low Profile Muffler
Low inlet muffler for installations
where the muffler cannot be installed
lower than the genset.

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