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2014 Dufour Grand Large 450


Dare apotheosis

It could be said that Dufour has put into this yacht all the fruit of its fifty years of experience, research, and development. It’s true. Everything these years have made it possible to find, dream up, and mature can be found here in this brilliant yacht. It piles on advantages, taking care to keep the essentials. It crams in features, while keeping all the conveniences. Its daring goes as far as borrowing from larger vessels by placing the sail locker above decks. An adorable pirouette among so many others…


The last word

All those unmissable features brought together. And still more: the Grand’Large 450 is a reference in terms of use of space. With genius and with taste, for it’s not enough just to close the empty space behind a door. It’s a matter of devoting this empty space to a precise function and moulding it into its surroundings while respecting their style, their design, their warmth. Hanging locker with built-in heating, mechanical ventilation, compartmentalized shoe locker… everything is the last word in comfort and convenience.


Focus on privacy

Life aboard the Grand’Large 450 is no compromise. Quite the reverse, all the spaces have been designed so that each person can be alone even with the others. One of the finest, greatest manifestations of this decency is the care that has been taken with the head: shower and toilet are separate. This philosophy of life is the basis of this Prince of the Seas: comfort here is both individual and collective. A major advance in the art of sailing.


Length overall :13,5 m / 44' 3"
Hull length :13,25 m / 43' 6"
Length waterline :11,92 m / 39' 1"
Hull width :4,35 m / 14' 3"
Displacement :10 275 kg / 22,652 Lbs
Draft :1,95 m / 2,30 m / 5' 10" (opt shoal) / 7' 3" (std deep)
Mainsail surface :94 m² / 1,012 Ft²
Water capacity :570 L / 125 Gal
Fuel tank capacity :250 L / 66 / Gal
Engine :55 cv
CE Certification :Category A
ID: 5341