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2016 C-RIB Military™ 33

C-Rib Commercially Proven Technology™

Our achievements with rigid inflatable boats (RIB) would not have been possible without an on-going extensive program of design, manufacturing and process assessment throughout our manufacturing plant.

The factory expands into the professional market using the team’s, extensive knowledge of building, selling and designing RIB boats for individual orders from all over the world.
So far the business activity of the company characterizes with flexible and modifiable production, both in the types of boats, as well as in the propulsion systems used. The factory has 45 full-time staff but we also work closely with a team of international specialists to ensure we have the highest quality of design, construction and mechanical preparation.

Our hulls are constructed with a hand laid-up GRP and reinforced with Isophthalic or Vinyl Ester resin. Infusion or carbon fabrics are also available. We can offer full customisation and have a “proven” choice of cabin, console, shock-mitigation seating and commercial grade accessories to choose from. There is a build quality assurance program in the form of ISO 9001:2008 and we use 3-dimensional computer aided engineering (CAD) software and our experience and knowledge ensures our craft are built to withstand years of abuse.

C-RIBs™ are pre-engineered for specific requirements: Adventure, Patrol Police Rescue, Charter and Military but all variants are based upon a proven ruggedized hull platform and thats one of the reasons our boats are used by some of the most demanding clients in some of the world’s harshest environments, from the freezing Arctic to the humidity of the Seychelles.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Length:10,00 meter
Beam:3,16 meter
Designed draft:0,65 meter
Designed displacement:3,35 cubic meter (m3)
Dry weight w/o eng:2,00 ton 2,60 ton with cabin
Personell capacity:1 driver, 1 navigator and 16 passengers
Fuel tank capacity:2 x 300 Liter
Maximum range at 30 knots:~300 nautical miles
Drive type:Outboard / Sterndrive / Jet
Build specification:Military
Quality assurance:ISO 9001

Operationally proven for high speed interception missions.

This 10m RIB is unique because it can be supplied as a turn-key product which is fully operationally capable from Day 1.
It can be supplied in a variety of configurations and specifications but all variants are based upon a standard ruggedized hull platform offering the client the benefit of economies of scale, inter-changeability of key components and systems and consistently capable performance, handling and sea-keeping characteristics.
The vessel hull form follows an exacting design evolved specifically for military and other professional users and is deliberately built “over-strength” to guarantee that it will withstand punishing use throughout its service life.
Our vessel designs are continually reviewed to ensure absolute client satisfaction and we view client feedback as one of our most important tools to ensure reliability and operational effectiveness.

Hull design:

Operationally proven self draining “deep V” interceptor hull with extra robust GRP solid skin and GRP internal stiffeners.
Heavy Duty S/S towing and lifting U-bolts on transom and bow and working platform over sterndrives.

Deck design:

Safe, self-bailing working deck area comprising GRP sandwich construction with wear resistant anti-slip surface. Full height integrated splash-well. There are two cleats/mooring points at stern and heavy duty mooring post on bow.
A variety of welded S/S handrails can be fitted where required. The large engine-room hatch gives you easy access to service items and it also includes an anchor locker and aluminium deck hatches.
If you would like to hoist this boat, it has a four point hoisting system.

Tube design:

Heavy Duty Hypalon® 1670 dtex with added anti-slip rubber protection patches, three lines of protective fendering and separate air chambers with inflation and pressure relief valves. All tubes are constructed in-house.

Console design:

Centre or forward console layout with heavy-duty steering wheel and foul weather side protection housing main electrical distribution board with circuit breakers/ fused protection and storage area. Console creates a windless area around the driver and navigator.

Seating design:

The seating combination has been chosen to fit ergonomically with the console and other operating aspects of the RHIB. Specially selected shock-absorbing seats for helm and navigator, shock-absorbing Jockey Seats with stainless steel backrest for embarked troops with equipment stowage under all troop seats.


Fully accessible and removable stainless steel fuel tanks, navigation lights, work/deck lights, engine-room lights, heavy-duty batteries with splitter switches, automatic bilge pump system, manual bilge pump. For twin engines, separate fuel systems are installed for absolute reliability.

Navigation and Command & Control equipment:

Navigation and communication equipment is supplied fully integrated with a suitable military grade “A” frame provided for antennas and radar.
The basic navigation suite consists of:

2 multifunction displays (12inch), using touch screen and a 3 point trackball as Human Machine Interface (HMI)
A full blown ECDIS chart system, with Raster and/or S57 charts (Additional Military Layers (AML) at request)
A Radome radar running on 24 or 48 rpm's
All system and sensor information on board can be viewed on and controlled from the displays (100% integration)
A Military GPS system, with 1PPS and HQIIA for your military radios (SAASM functionality on request)
A Miniature Inertial Navigation System (INS) should you encounter GPS jamming
An Echosounder, with bottom profile view on the displays
A Backup magnetic compass

All this equipment is running on an integrated server system, specially designed to be used on-board Ribs.


If you have any customization needs please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Machine gun stands
Kevlar hull
Ballistic protection for tubes
Armour System
Keel protection
Detachable tube (bolted)
T-Top roof
Shock mitigating flooring
Blackout package
Air Transport tiedowns
Extra long range fuel tanks
Boarding equipment
Roller slipway system to carry small rubber boat
Spares and maintenance packages
Location based operational and tactical training

Concept development:

Stockholm RIB Center;
A leading manufacturer of Professional R.I.Bs for Rescue Organisations, Police/Patrol Authorities, and Military and Special Forces.

ID: 4900

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